Ginger Beer Traditional (1L)

Ginger Beer Traditional (1L)
Price: R26.00
Ex Tax: R22.61

Handcrafted Drinks Ginger Beer is tasty, refreshing and has health benefits from the real ginger as well as the live cultures.  Ginger has been shown to help with indigestion and nausea, protects against stroke and heart disease, is anti-inflammatory and boosts immunity.  Naturally fermented products are known to provide probiotics which are also beneficial to gut health and the body’s immune system. The yeast in the ginger beer is rich in vitamin B’s.

The ginger beer is handmade with care, providing a delicious taste that is not found in artificially flavoured ginger beverages. It is made in Centurion; thus sales are supporting the local industry and community in Centurion, Gauteng.

There are 500 ml bottles available which are convenient for a single serving, or when ‘on the run’.In addition, there are 1 litre bottles which are good value for when you are sharing with friends/family or enjoying it at home.

The ginger beer can be made fresh for the weekly K.O.S distribution making it ideal for the K.O.S. business model.

Ingredients:  Purified Water, Sugar, Ginger root, Tartaric Acid, Yeast, (No added preservatives)

Allergens:  No known allergens

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