Vicks Acta Plus (100ml)

Vicks Acta Plus (100ml)
Price: R43.00
Ex Tax: R37.39

Gift yourself with an unbroken night sleep and the energy to face a new day – at home, at work, and at leisure. Persistent wet or dry cough can wear you down – in body and spirit – and worse, it can lock you in at home while depriving you of much-needed bed rest. Not fair, right?

Fight back, soldier! Break down wet or dry cough with Vicks ActaPlus Cough Syrup.

Vicks ActaPlus Cough Syrup is used to tackle the wet or dry cough associated with colds and influenza. When coughing is a big no-no in your day’s big agenda or if all you want is to tuck yourself – or your coughing little one – to bed in peace, then let Vicks ActaPlus Cough Syrup warm and calm that overworked, coughed-out throat.

Suitable for Children and Adults aged 12 years and above

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