Golden Carrots (260g) - Gutso

Golden Carrots (260g) - Gutso
Price: R70.50
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Ingredients:  carrot, ginger, onion, turmeric, Himalayan salt

Inside every Gutso bottle is something magical. In fact, it is natural magic like you haven’t seen in ages (literally IN AGES). When you have a Gutso product in your hand you have a bottle filled with lacto-fermented vegetables, high-quality products and the natural process of time and patience. As time goes by the Gutso-veggies will keep on growing in the container and IN you. This is when the magic happens! While you are enjoying a tangy or peppery snack, your Gut microbiome is returning to health.

Your gut controls every aspect of your health, from how your food is digested, to food sensitivities, energy levels, mood, weight, food cravings, hormone balance, immunity, and overall wellness.  Latest researchers are discovering that conditions such as Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Autoimmune Diseases, IBS, Allergies, Neurological Conditions, Cancer are all linked to the health of our gut.

We as humans are more microbe (bacteria, virus, yeast, etc…) than human. The trillions of tiny organisms in your body are what's regulating the expression of your genes and regulating your overall health. 

Gutso is like your magic-trick-in-a-jar to get your overall health back!

We pride in ourselves in our patient and diligent practices, learning from ancient methods. We select high-quality vegetables which is fermented for at least three months in glass. Our processes are meticulously chosen to promote optimum gut-healing benefits.

We take the long route to give you a short-cut to your health.

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